Voile Mag Octobre 2020 - Featuring Sailing Challenge

Voile Mag Octobre 2020 - Featuring Sailing Challenge

In the October 2020 issue of Voile Magazine – a leading French Sailing Magazine - find on page 10, the article "Challenge your sailing friend". ».  Sailing Challenge would like to thank Voile Magazine for publishing this encouraging article!

For those who cannot read the image with the article, we have transcribed the article into text, the original text in French can be read here :

Challenge your neighbour!

The application developed by Eric Bernillon and Nicolas Bürki, two sailing enthusiasts based in Antibes, is great. It is aimed at both regatta enthusiasts and all other sailors. Its principle is to challenge one's opponents, one's pontoon neighbours, or even to challenge oneself on a personalised course. The application allows you to virtually create a course with a start and finish line. Once launched, it records your time and transmits your time to your friends who will have had the opportunity to follow you on the map during your "run". A chat room integrated into the application even allows you to encourage each other or put pressure on anyone who dares to take up your challenge! Nothing prevents you from improving your own time, on a banana run or towards your favourite anchorage! As for the hardcore competitors, their ranking will be able to take into account the length of the boat, the rating (HN or IRC) and at the end of the course, the application will display the average speed, max, distance covered, etc. A clever tool on the eve of the autumn training sessions. 25€.