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About Sailing Challenge

Sailing challenge allows you to participate at real-life regatta – anytime and anywhere.

There is no fixed day or time to start a regatta, you can set up your own regatta or participate at an existing regatta. Whether you are just sailing to your preferred anchoring spot, just go out sailing for a turn in your bay or do a longer passage sailing, spice up your sailing trip with Sailing Challenge.

Sailing Challenge allows you:

  • Set up your sailor profile
  • Set up your boat profiles. There is the possibility to set up different boat profiles (different loads, different configuration, etc.)
  • Define your own regatta (start / finish / waypoints)
  • Participate at regatta
  • Check out the regatta rankings
  • Contact other members

There is a free version, which allows you setting up your profiles (sailor & boat), search for regatta, check out the rankings.

With the paid version (navigator or racer) you can participate at regatta (and of course includes all free user features). The difference between the navigator and racer is that with the racer subscription you have 1 credit to set up your own regatta. Further regatta credits can be purchased directly in the application.

For sailing clubs, we have different packages. Conduct us.

So, what are you waiting for to challenge your sailing buddies?

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Finding your challenge
  • Visual search using Google Maps and textual search
  • Challenges tagged by type: cruising, training or official regatta circuit
  • Color code to indicate challenge distance
  • Nearby regatta
Running a challenge
  • Select up to 5 traces of sailors who ran already the regatta and compare your choices
  • Get heading to the next control point (start line, waypoints, finish line)
  • Track your race (visual trace, max speed, avg speed, distance sailed)
  • Add personal comments for each completed or abandoned regatta (weather, wind, etc.)
Managing a challenge
  • Visually design your challenge: simply draw the start- and finish-line on the map, tap to add waypoints
  • Choose between different waypoints types (cardinals or circle)
  • Type your challenge: sailing to a common anchoring spot (Cruise), a training challenge covering different wind angles (Training) or the circuit of an official regatta (Regatta)
Setting up sailor & boat profiles
  • Personalize your sailor profile
  • Set up multiple boat profiles

Download Sailing-Challenge

Download the sailing-challenge application from the AppStore or from the Google Play

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/ Year

  • Setting up your sailor profile and your different sailing boats
  • Displaying traces of your friends & others while running a regatta
  • Messaging friends & members
  • Run unlimited challenges + 3 credits to set up a regatta

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Subscription Plans

Sailing-Challenge is a free mobile application which provides additional features that you enable by subscribing to one of our plans.
The free version allows you to set up

  • Your sailor profile and your different sailing boats
  • Searching and discovering the different available regatta in your sailing area
  • Checking out the sailing regatta rankings

The subsription plan “Racer” provides you all the features that you need to challenge your sailing colleagues:

  • Setting up your sailor profile and your different sailing boats
  • Searching and discovering the different available regatta in your sailing area
  • Running regatta
  • Checking out the sailing regatta rankings
  • Sharing your results, messaging your colleagues
  • Setting up and managing your own regatta and provide it to your friends and the whole sailing-challenge community

We offer also a dedicated subscription for sailing clubs, please contact us through contact page or directly on our Facebook page or Instagram page.