Sailing Challenge is now available for IOS


Sailing Challenge is the first mobile application that allows you participating at sailing regattas anytime, anywhere.

Sailing Challenge targets all sailors, whether you just go for a daily trip, crossing over to an island or a far distant coast or family cruising, Sailing Challenge adds some spice to your sailing trip, it tells you how you compare to others doing the same trip. And of course, for all professional and sporty regatta sailors, it offers real training benefits and most importantly the possibility to measure your skills and performance against your regatta friends and competitors.

Starting a regatta with Sailing Challenge is very easy, it literally takes you just a few clicks:

  • Choose an existing regatta in your zone
  • Start the regatta
  • Cross the start line, once crossed the chrono starts
  • Pass the different waypoints (if there are any)
  • Cross the finish line (chrono stops)

Sailing Challenge provides you throughout the regatta the heading and distance to the next checkpoint (e.g. starting line, waypoint, finish line).

Once you successfully run a regatta, you immediately see how you performed among all the sailors who run the same regatta. You see your ranking depending on the boat length but also tonnage such as HN or IRC. Of course, you will get a summary of average speed, top speed, distance run, etc.