New tutorials to help you start using Sailing Challenge

New Tutorials available on Youtube to start using Sailing Challenge

We just uploaded 3 new tutorials (in English) to help you start using Sailing Challenge.

The 1st tutorial is about start using Sailing Challenge and details the sign-up during which you create your sailor profile. Once you have set up your sailor profile, you can start using Sailing Challenge, even in the Free Version. You can use the LiveView to see all boats currently racing, and to set up your boat profile, the 2nd tutorial

The 2nd tutorial details you how to set up your boat profile. This will allow you to start racing regattas, even in with the free version of Sailing Challenge. Free regattas are characterized by our logo or any other logos such as from sailing / yachting clubs. Just check out the visual map. For all other regattas you need to have subscribed a monthly or an annual plan, starting at a very low price

The 3rd tutorial, explains you step by step, how to easily set up a regatta in Sailing Challenge and propose to all your sailing buddies. This requires that you have subscribed one of our plans. For more detailed information, our regatta set up guide complements this tutorial.

Enjoy then and let us know, if you are missing information to get you started using Sailing Challenge.